Zorin vs Ubuntu vs Mint

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What do you think of Zorin vs Ubuntu vs Mint?

Zorin is considered light enough for laptops and older computers.

Ubuntu and Mint aren’t bad, either.

Zorin is the most secure of the three OS you’ve mentioned.

I’ve heard that Zorin is immune to Windows viruses.

And that’s aside from the built-in emulators so you could run Windows software like games in it.

Of course it lets you play Windows games. But Ubuntu can run Steam.

The ability to run almost any game on Steam versus any…


  1. Zorin is not lightweight. It will not work on any but the most robust fastest not too old machines. Zorin is in fact, heavier & more resource hungry than most Linux, Windows, or Macs. I can run any 32 bit version of windows, almost any 32 bit version of Linux, on any 2003-2005 1.5-1.8 ghz computer. Zorin will not run on them. The graphics alone would make an old computer poop. I like Zorin, but it is not for older or low powered computers.

  2. All linux is damn fine! im using 3 OS Main is Mint XFCE 17.1, i hate 17.3 mint is the best OS hands down, Zorin OS11 core my 2nd desktop, zorin has the best interface, Linux Lite for my Netbook, not the lightest but the simpliest, Zorin has the ugliest updates so im always switching to Zorin then LXLE vice versa both looks great, but if you want a stable OS mint is the best, 17.1 imo. i dont like ubuntu simply because i came from windows and this OS i mention above comes the closest. XFCE and LXDE can run old computers, my personal choice.

  3. WTF ? Zorin and Mint ARE Ubuntu dip shit.
    so how is one more secure ?
    I like the look of Zorin but thats about all, i haven't used Zorin or mint fully yet. and idk if i like Ubuntu , i have to tweek it alot….

  4. This is no fair comparison. doesn't look at pros and cons of all, and even modulates so that you believe Zorin has an advantage in stuff which are Linux-General (- almost- can’t infect it with malware from web surfing on any Linux system, any Linux OS is immune to Windows viruses). well, am interested in Zorin, but not this biased advertising.

  5. Is this bad commercial for Zorin OS? Zorin OS is great for people who know absolutely nothing about linux and thats it. If you put some heavier GUI it will run like crap, LDXE is great for some old PCs but also lacks many things from unity or even cinammon. And if you want to install linux on old PC you have many better distros.

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